Argon5C keskikaiutin

1 500,00 €

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Suomessa käsityönä valmistettu Argon5C on suunniteltu täydentämään saumattomasti kaikkia Argon-tuotteita. 

Alkuperäiset kuvaukset valmistajan sivuilta:

Amphion’s Argon home audio loudspeakers are among the most resolving, natural and neutral sounding speakers. They are meant to deliver the music the way it was intended by the artist. This objective sets extremely high demands for the center speaker. We designed Argon5C loudspeaker with that thought in mind.

The concept of Argon5C center speaker is based on our professional Two15 studio monitor known for presenting dynamic, frequency and transient content in extreme resolution. The advanced acoustic design, high-quality drivers, and simple crossover allow you to discover the beauty and power of human voice in a thrilling way, even at low night-time listening levels. The wide, even dispersion allows for sharing the audio aesthetics with a larger group of friends.
Argon5C is designed to work seamlessly with all Argon products – from the small bookshelf speakers such as Argon1 and Argon3S, to the ‘floorstanders’ Argon3LS and Argon7LS, the central loudspeaker Argon5C works in perfect synergy, providing natural, transparent and un-hyped sound, but still deeply emotionally engaging. Argon5C’s design also allows for LRC (left/right/center) use.

Argon5C speaker blends high resolution, clarity, and neutrality into a remarkably entertaining and extremely musical package. This sound perfection allows you and your guests to enjoy your movies and favourite TV shows at their best.


Diskantti 1" titaani
Herkkyys 90 dB
Impedanssi 4 ohm
Jakotaajuudet 1600 Hz
Keski-/bassoääni 2 x 5,25" alumiini
Mitat (K x L x S) 160 x 510 x 265 mm
Paino 11 kg
Taajuusvaste 42 - 30000 Hz +/- 3dB
Tehosuositus 10 - 150 W
Tyyppi 2-tiekaiutin, bassorefleksi