Argon7LS lattiakaiutin

2 900,00 €

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Suomessa käsityönä valmistettu Argon7LS-lattiakaiutin on Amphionin huippuluokan kotiäänikaiuttimien Argon-perheen suurin malli. 

Alkuperäiset kuvaukset valmistajan sivuilta:

Argon7LS floorstanding loudspeaker is the largest model in Amphion’s Argon family of high-end home audio speakers. Argon7LS follows the trend of employing design and technologies from our professional studio monitor line. This approach provides extremely natural, transparent, and precise sound reproduction with deep emotional impact. Argon7LS ‘floorstanders’ deliver an exceptionally precise imaging and wide sweet spot, keeping the sound well-balanced even when you move around the room.

Argon7LS uses a passive radiator design which is also present in all Amphion studio monitors as well as Argon3S and Argon3LS home audio loudspeakers. Passive radiators eliminate the known problems associated with reflex cabinets, where the correct signal is always followed by an unwanted tail. Argon7LS design creates a more natural energy transfer, providing the listener with an improved physical connection to the music, even on lower listening levels.


Diskantti 1" titaani
Herkkyys 91 dB
Impedanssi 4 ohm
Jakotaajuudet 1600 Hz
Keski-/bassoääni 2 x 6,6" alumiini
Mitat (K x L x S) 1160 x 191 x 305 mm
Paino 30
Taajuusvaste 28 - 30 000 Hz +/- 3dB
Tehosuositus 15 - 150 W
Tyyppi 2-tiekaiutin, passiivinen radiaattori