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Suomessa käsityönä valmistettu Kpypton3 on erittäin innovatiivinen ja korkealaatuinen 3-tiekaiutin.

Alkuperäiset kuvaukset valmistajan sivuilta:

Krypton is Amphion’s reference project now close to 15 years in making. The Krypton3 is highly innovative three-way reference speaker, which makes it possible to enjoy full range, realistic level orchestral performances without owning a concert hall. In your current home. Or the next.

Amphion Loudspeakers addresses these issues through its Krypton3. This has been an ongoing project over a period of more than 15 years of development and refinement. The updated Krypton3 is a highly innovative three-way reference speaker, and the successor of the multiple award-winning former namesake – the Krypton2. Now the Krypton3 makes it possible for listeners to enjoy full-range, realistic-level orchestral performances without owning a concert hall – right in the middle of their own living room.
The updated Krypton3 employs a completely redesigned crossover, utilizing Amphion’s revolutionary approach in its implementation. This development was originally introduced in the company’s studio monitor line, where the accuracy of reproduction and detail are of extreme importance. The highly innovative cardioid midrange integrated into Krypton3 loudspeakers allows them to perform exceptionally well – even in small rooms or close to large windows. Krypton3’s unique design means the room’s acoustics are irrelevant, as the unit can easily deal with any sonic irregularities which traditional speaker-designs cannot cope with.

Krypton3’s design further minimizes unwanted reflections from both the side and back walls (by up to 20 dBs), so that you hear less of the room and more of the speaker. The unique crossover approach, together with the new double-vented tube and proprietary papyrus 8” midrange, convey the musical message better than ever before. The midrange clarity and waveguide, coupled with the power and immediacy achieved by the large cone area of the two 8″ units, are capable of moving huge amount of air while preserving the nuances.


Diskantti 1" titaani integrator
Herkkyys 89 dB
Impedanssi 4 ohm
Jakotaajuudet 160 / 1200 Hz
Keski-/bassoääni 2 x 82 papyrus / 10" alumiini
Mitat (K x L x S) 1370 x 240 x 470 mm
Paino 74 kg
Taajuusvaste 22 - 30 000 Hz
Tehosuositus 25 - 300 W
Tyyppi 3-tiekaiutin, bassorefleksi